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OzTV – Panama City April 19, 2011

We start of this episode with following along with Ozzy when he meets the president of the Panama.

Then we are preparing for the concert and meets alot of fans that are realy enjoying the concert!

Then we are seeing some beatifull clips from the concert!



OzTV – Bogota, Colombia April 16, 2011

It starts with the band playing guide on a bus. We will then have a tour of Ozzy's private jet with a crew worker.
We may even see the menu of what foods you can choose from the plane.

16pcs people are on the plane and they have very much good stuff to eat. Sweets and fruits, … Read more…


OzTV – Quito, Ecuador April 14, 2011

We are in the middle of the world in Quito, Ecuador. We take a cable car up to a mountain top. At the same time we are presented with pictures from the concert. There is alot of people in the crowd!

We'll see Gus G run a traditional song in a guitar solo!

Then rounded section with … Read more…


OzTV – Lima, Peru April 12, 2011

This episode begins with the band are out shopping and checking out what's on offer in Lima.
Makes you wonder if there are genuine copies 😉

Then the music fades down and you'll hear a nice intro for the upcoming concert!

We get to meet some of the fans who, among other things says that this is the … Read more…


OzTV – Belo Horizonte April 9, 2011

This episode begins directly at the arena. We see some soldiers with sharp weapons. Then we meet fans who is meeting the King Ozzy.

One of the fans have really tidied up before the reunion with Ozzy.

Next, we will see wonderful pictures from the concert!

We round off with the band talks about a higher power!



OzTV – Rio de Janeiro April 7, 2011

In the beginning we follow a crew guy when he has a day of and are visting the famous mountain Christ the Redeemer. In the background they are playing the suitable song Over the Mountain!

After that we are meeting some fans who has waited a long time for the show.

The the video ends when the … Read more…


OzTV – Brasilia, Brazil April 4, 2011

This episode start of at this realy cool arena in Brazil!

Then some fans are interviewed. After that we see some asome pictures from the show!




OzTV – Sao Paulo, Brazil April 2, 2011

We start this episode in the city of Sao Paulo. After that Ozzy has a press conference. He talkes about who will come after his great carrier.

We meets after this some fans who just has meet Ozzy.

Unfortunately it is raining this evening when Ozzy must have concert. But the fans are loyal and rocks around … Read more…


OzTV – Porto Alegre March 30

This episode starts with a story that is presented by Ozzy's steward. Ozzy invited her to the show and he grabs her and takes her out on the scen. She thinks she is going to sing but Ozzy just tell her to jump instead.

After that we are meeting some fans. This fan has Ozzy signed … Read more…


Ozzy Osbourne concert review from the show in Sao Paulo, 2 April

SAO PAULO – Ozzy Osbourne show on Saturday, 2, Arena Anhembi, São Paulo, because it is still one of the leading names in heavy metal world. On the night that the 'Prince of Darkness' joked of "leader of the rain," a bit of rubber bat and made 30 thousand fans sing their hits in deafening … Read more…

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