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Sweden Rock Festival Concert, Sölvesborg, Sweden

Posted by admin on June 13th, 2011

Ozzy Newz

Before the gig, he barely knew that he had been here before. This night the singer looked out over 33,000 fans and looked genuinely happy. First Sweden Rock visit ever maybe even put some remembrance even in Ozzy.

It's a long day's journey towards the Dark prince. The program at the Sweden Rocks final day limping so much that it is easier to be happy about the weather for the first time is stable, than what is happening on the stages.

Ozzy Osbourne to close this year's festival certainly far enough. "The prince of darkness" can not possibly have a better arena in Sweden than stepping on the Festival Stage before an adoring audience so homogeneous that the food and marketing stunt outside can pack up for this year already in the first chord.

Ozzy Newz

Excites audience

Five minutes prior to the screams excites Ozzy started more or less all of this year's 33,000 visitors. That he still has enough energy was noticeable especially in the Globe last visit, and possibly he is good at keeping professional mask. But the fact is that Ozzy looks genuinely happy on stage tonight. He flounders around and running around across the stage. After only a few songs, he has a lengthy foam party. So intense that Ozzy did not even let the cleaning staff to clean the scene, but spraying them down instead.

A fusion

Perhaps it is the receipt of Norje. Perhaps the singer had expected something different, as less and less enthusiastic fans. But the festival and the genre's greatest living icon, of course, a fusion that can provide all of southern Sweden with energy in the months to come. After the initial penalty is left "I do not know," "Suicide Solution", "Mr.. Crowley "and" Goodbye to romance "is the audience the singer's puppets.

Ozzy Newz
Unusually stable

But just as often, as the Sabbath song "Fairies Wear Boots", Ozzy is unusually stable. Even impressive.

And the audience has more reasons to be cheerful. Unlike the visit to Sweden last autumn Ozzy adjusted and refined the song list which is now completely free of past plate material. Instead radar singer a solid nostalgic cavalcade that so when the three "No more tears" numbers and a few obligatory Black Sabbath songs downloaded from the singer's 80th speech.

Band much

In addition to the vital playing around uncle is a big part in the 2011 Ozzy sounds surprisingly good band, singer can lean on when his voice fails. Presented all, Gus G. found in perfectly with its slightly warmer guitar playing. Sweden won feels now that such an obvious successor to Zakk Wylde that it is not even going to turn sour to that rumor that the former guitarist was a guest gig turned out to be false.

Though it is clear. A little fun it would have been.


1. I Don't Know
2. Suicide Solution
3. Mr. Crowley
4. Goodbye to Romance  (First time played since 2007)
5. Bark at the Moon
6. Road to Nowhere
7. Shot in the Dark
8. Rat Salad  (Black Sabbath song) (With Guitar and Drum solos)
9. Iron Man (Black Sabbath song)
10. Fairies Wear Boots  (Black Sabbath song)
11. I Don't Want to Change the World
12. Crazy Train

13. Mama, I'm Coming Home
14 Paranoid

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