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König Pilsener Arena, Oberhausen, Germany

Posted by admin on June 13th, 2011

Ozzy Newz

Oberhausen. One can fool only heavily something to Ozzy Osbourne. Finally the hard skirt and Metal veteran are washed with all landing on water: Perhaps the Britisher transformed therefore his retrieving concert into Oberhausen on Monday into a cheerful Planschpartie.

It again and again moistened its head with a full-sucked sponge, then it dipped those its long hair hair-style in the long run in its entirety into the water bucket: One can fool only heavily something to Ozzy Osbourne. Finally the hard skirt and Metal veteran are washed with all landing on water: Perhaps the Britisher transforms therefore his retrieving concert in the king Pilsener arena into Oberhausen before 6000 fans on Monday evening always again into a cheerful Planschpartie.

Also with 62 years fun in the house Osbourne did not disappear approximately. Of his crude family life the spectators could already convince themselves of MTV in particularly the Reality series today any longer not loved by him The Osbournes.

Ozzy Newz

 In Oberhausen the former Black Sabbath singer with a foam kanon aims in the public. The foam party for Altrocker meets not only the wild group, which strain the hands in the close crowding directly before the stage to the resounding corner, but also the Security coworker behind the closing: That can be in-soaped an endlessly working minute of the doyen and bears it like a guard before the Buckingham palace with rainless discipline.

Ozzy amused itself magnificently Actually Ozzy, which is celebrated again and again by its supporters with speech choirs, should be located, in the September of the past yearly in the arena. But due to a back injury Osbourne its route title could roar "Let ME Hear You Scream" only with delay by the arena. But it needs however no miracle healing: Osbourne shows up in the arena as hopping stage center, which amuses itself framed from wild guitar operators fürstlich.

Ozzy Newz
The stage equipment is as originally as the music: Box towers instead of video canvases and Pyro Schnick Schnack. Ozzy Osbourne revs up an eager Bühnenarbeiter almost. It is responsible for the fact that the liquid supply is correct with the protagonist. Because the stage before the Schlagzeuger looks like a mini bar. Various bottles with indefinable contents are there lined up. A tea cup is filled up again and again continuously during the concert.

Although Osbourne with Dreamer celebrated as a solo artist in the year 2002 in recent Chart past (also at a younger target group) successes, he does not play this title. But Goodbye bye to Romance and to the final naturally Paranoid. A umjubelter trip into the darkness, which takes however only very compact 90 minutes.


1. I Don't Know
2. Suicide Solution
3. Mr. Crowley
4. Goodbye to Romance
5. Bark at the Moon
6. Road to Nowhere
7. Flying High Again
8. Shot in the Dark
9. Rat Salad  (Black Sabbath song) (Guitar / Drum Solos)
10. Iron Man  (Black Sabbath song)
11. Fairies Wear Boots  (Black Sabbath song)
12. I Don't Want to Change the World
13. Crazy Train

14. Mama, I'm Coming Home
15. Paranoid 

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