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Ozzy Osbourne concert review from the show in Sao Paulo, 2 April

Posted by admin on April 3rd, 2011

SAO PAULO – Ozzy Osbourne show on Saturday, 2, Arena Anhembi, São Paulo, because it is still one of the leading names in heavy metal world. On the night that the 'Prince of Darkness' joked of "leader of the rain," a bit of rubber bat and made 30 thousand fans sing their hits in deafening pitch, bad weather was a mere sideshow.

Heavy rain Ozzy Osbourne performed for 30 000 people in the Arena Anhembi in Sao Paulo

With just a few hours for the presentation of the former lead singer of Black Sabbath, heavy rain hit the capital city. Many people still drove to the venue had serious problems of locomotion. However, even the storm that fell in the city took the animation from the audience.

At 20h, the Brazilian band Sepultura went onstage at the Arena Anhembi and set the stage for the star of the night. If the rain did not give truce, the thunderous voice of Derrick and powerful guitar Andreas Kisser tried to work around the weather: "It's great playing here. You always are present. So, São Paulo Everybody waiting for the Master Ozzy ? He is a great warrior of heavy metal. We are pleased to open this show, "said Andreas, before being acclaimed by shouting" Ole, ole, ole, ole, Ozzy, Ozzy. "

Betting in a classic solo career, Ozzy Osbourne, all in black and with a cross emblazoned on the shirt, eliminating the anxiety of the fans. Bark at the Moon opened the show, which began promptly at 21:30. After the song, the Englishman asked, "Are you ready for insanity? Then come any closer, I hear you." Despite naming the current international tour, the singer's latest album, Scream, had only one song played on the show: Let me hear you scream.

"Maestro of rain"

The rain, which at first appeared to be over, he became even more intense. Wrapped in a flag of Brazil, Ozzy joked: "This water cleanses the soul. So c'mon, Mr. Crowley, referring to the third song of the night.

A bit awkward and visibly weakened to clap, the 'Prince of Darkness' was quick to play, pouring water and foam at the fans, with the help of buckets and hoses.

Ozzy, who gave the distinct impression control the rain, depending on the intensity of the music made the audience forget that rumbled through the sky before the song War Pigs, I Do not Want to Change the World, Shot in the dark, Suicide Solution and Iron Man

The most memorable moment of the show was on account of a loose rubber bat on stage, as in the '80s, the singer was known to head off a live animal released by a fan.

The setlist also included instrumental Rat Salad by Black Sabbath. The music opened up space for the performances of guitarist Gus G, and drummer Mike Bordin. The audience also sang in chorus the chorus devoted to Paranoid, which ended the presentation

Ozzy Osbourne has gone through Porto Alegre, last Wednesday, the 30th, and now present in Brasilia on April 5, Rio de Janeiro, in seven days, and Belo Horizonte, October 9.

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